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Barirah Adeel

Barirah Adeel

– M.Phil., English Language Teacher and Applied Linguistics, University of Karachi (in progress)
– B.S., English Linguistics, University of Karachi (Gold Medalist)

Barirah Adeel has more than 6 years of teaching experience at the post-secondary level. During this time, she served as a visiting faculty at the Department of English, University of Karachi where she taught English language and other courses and conducted training sessions for the newly-inducted visiting faculty members. Her areas of expertise include General and Functional English, academic reading and writing, communication skills, language and education, ESP and TESL.

As a research scholar, Barirah has worked in the domains of ELT, language assessment, metacognition and reading, language in education and cross-cultural linguistics. Currently, she is working on Translanguaging practices in ESL classrooms for her M.Phil. research.

Barirah teaches English courses at GECE, Hussainabad.

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