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Dr. Nasreen Hussain

Dr. Nasreen Hussain

– Ph.D. Education, Hamdard University
– M.Ed. TESOL, University of Manchester
– B.Ed., University of Karachi
– L.L.B., University of Karachi

Dr. Nasreen Hussain has worked at the Aga Khan University (AKU) for 24 years as well as at Institute of Business Management (IoBM). She has established M.Phil. and Ph.D. programs in Education and Business Management at AKU as well as at IoBM. She has supervised 15 M.S. and 16 Ph.D. scholars. She also held office as the Proctor of Columbia University, USA for two years. Her work experience extends to initiating two journals, which are affiliated with HEC in Y category. She regularly publishes articles in double-blind peer-review journals and has written books and book chapters as well.

Dr. Hussain has been involved in community work in Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt, and Pakistan. She has received awards from AKU, UNDP, USAID, USIS, British Council, ODA, and York & Lancaster Universities to pursue her education and research projects. Her forte is in qualitative research methods, teacher education, TESOL/TEFL, curriculum design and development, strategic educational planning, and organizational learning at tertiary level.

She teaches English courses at the Government Elementary College of Education, Hussainabad.

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