Student Code of Conduct

Student Code of Conduct


Government Elementary College of Education (GECE), Hussainabad strives to provide an environment for learning that is positive, tolerant and accepting. Students, teachers and staff are expected to uphold values of honesty, responsibility and kindness and foster a culture of positive intellectual exploration and personal growth at all times. This Code applies to all students at GECE, Hussainabad and outlines the parameters within which students must act, as well as the expectations that they will be held accountable for while they are enrolled at GECE.

The Code is subject to revision at any time during the year. Should there be any revisions, all students and their parents will be notified by the Office of the Registrar via email/sms. It is expected that all students will follow the most recent rules and regulations.

All students and parents understand that the Code of Conduct outlines consequences as applicable under normal circumstances – however, exceptional or extraordinary situations may call for immediate and unprecedented disciplinary action on the part of the College.

Any disciplinary action will always reflect the best interests of GECE students, faculty and staff.

It is important for all GECE students to understand that the principles and rules of this Code are applicable to them at all times, including when they are present on and off campus.

General Rules of Conduct

  • Remain respectful in verbal and nonverbal interactions with fellow students, teachers, administrative staff and support staff
  • Treat others with empathy and compassion, extending kindness and
  • Appear well groomed and presentable at all
  • Maintain academic honesty and attend all classes Inform the Office of Registrar immediately via email if you are unable to attend college.
  • Use social media responsibly and
  • To remain in clean and neat attire during all academic, administrative and/or duties and extracurricular
  • Students must always carry their RFIDs to enter/exit college and attend college events on/off
  • Student are given a locker to keep their personal items and GECE-issued laptops and will be responsible for the safe keeping of items inside the lockers.
  • The carrying of firearms explosives or sharp objects that can be used as a weapon are strictly not allowed on campus or any college-related events. Items of this nature shall be confiscated immediately.

Students Rights

  • Every student has the right to a positive, inclusive and safe environment within which she can learn and grow academically, socially and emotionally.
  • It is the right of each student to report to the Office of the Registrar, any incident or experience that has made her feel uncomfortable, threatened and/or unsafe.
  • Every student has the right to express herself, unless such expression violates the principles of honesty, kindness and responsibility, interferes in the educational process, disparages the institution or its staff/teachers, encourages unlawful activity, or interferes with the rights of other students to a positive, respectful and safe learning environment.
  • Students have the right to express themselves in official GECE student publications within the following provisions:
    • College officials shall supervise student newspapers published with college equipment, remove obscene or libelous material and edit other material that would cause a substantial disruption or interference with college activities.
    • All material is subject to design approval/perimeters by the
    • Students have the right to circulate petitions after prior approval from the Registrar, conduct polls, set up information tables, and organize clubs, and sponsor speakers and

Disciplinary Infractions

The following are only some examples of behaviors and/or actions that are in direct violation of the rules of conduct. Students found engaged in any of the below will be liable to disciplinary action.

  • Taking photos/videos of any student/faculty/staff member at GECE without their consent
  • Any behavior that brings disrepute to the college or its faculty and staff’s name/image
  • Public shaming of any member of the GECE community on social media or otherwise
  • Being verbally or nonverbally disrespectful towards faculty and staff members, as well as fellow students.
  • Absenteeism [See section 6 (a)].
  • Any physical/verbal altercations.
  • Deliberate attempt to cause disruption of classes (inside or outside the room).
  • Disobeying instructions issued by a teacher, administrative staff member or support staff member.
  • Academic dishonesty [See section 6 (b)].
  • Misconduct towards college staff and/or other college representatives during on/off campus activities.
  • Possession/exchange/distribution/sale of prohibited substances or materials on/off campus
  • Smoking/using prohibited substances
  • Using mobile devices or any other electronic devices in a disruptive fashion – within or outside the classroom
  • Engaging in or participating in bullying/cyberbullying or harassing fellow students in person or online – on or off campus
  • Damaging, stealing and/or vandalizing property belonging to GECE, another student/GECE staff
  • Using foul language towards peers/faculty/staff and/ or in the presence of peers/faculty/staff.
  • Falsifying information for GECE records: grades, contact information, application data, forging parent/guardian signatures.


GECE requires all its students to maintain at least 80% attendance each term, in each course.

Students are to ensure that they make up for all classes missed and submit all work due to their respective teachers.

Only in case of an Excused Absence will a teacher assist a student to catch up with the rest of the class.

Excused Absences:

Illness: A valid medical note from a reputed hospital and doctor must be submitted within one day of the ailment. If a student is suffering from a serious illness (e.g. jaundice or chickenpox) the administration will excuse their extended absence subject to the submission of a medical/doctor’s note to the Office of Registrar.

Bereavement: In the case of immediate family and relatives, students may take one to three days of absence.

Students performing Hajj will be excused from classes for a total of fifteen (15) calendar days only.

Students who are representing GECE, Hussainabad at external events will be granted leave. Absences will not be excused for students participating in events as private candidates.

Students who have been invited by their previous schools to attend award ceremonies or events that recognize their academic or extracurricular achievements will only be granted leave for that day/time only. The administration needs to be informed of this a week in advance. Students need to provide documented evidence to the college.

Students belonging to religious minorities will be granted optional one day holiday(s) for observance of religious occasions, including Easter, Christmas, Holi, Diwali or Navroze etc.

Unexcused Absences:

GECE does not excuse absences for family vacations, weddings, Umrah, Ziarat or travel during the academic term.

Students are not allowed to schedule medical or any other appointments during college hours or any other time that clashes with a scheduled college activity.

Days missed due to privately registered external examinations or standardized tests will not be excused.

A student who has exceeded their allowed absences will be issued a verbal and written warning. Continued absence will result in not passing the course(s).

Students late to class by 10 minutes will be marked absent by the teacher.

This absence will also count towards the student’s allowed absences.

Academic Dishonesty

Students at GECE, Hussainabad are expected to adhere to the principles of academic honesty at all times. It is prohibited for a student to employ any unethical means of improving academic performance, as this is not only dishonest and violates the principle of integrity, but is also detrimental to her ability to study independently at university.

The following actions constitute academic dishonesty:

  • Copying another student’s homework or class assignment
  • Providing one’s work to another student to copy
  • Cheating on an assignment, class test, quiz or examination, whereby cheating constitutes any form of verbal or non-verbal communication during the assessment or identical answer patterns/answers found after completion of the assessment
  • Plagiarizing ideas and/or content off the internet, or a book, i.e. copying content and presenting it as one’s own with no reference to or citation of the original writer/ owner of the work

Any form of academic dishonesty accounts for a disciplinary infraction and will be dealt with by the Disciplinary Committee.

Tobacco & Prohibited Substances

Students are strictly forbidden from possessing, purchasing, consuming and distributing hazardous/illegal substances on campus, including (but not limited to) tobacco products and nicotine delivery systems, including but not limited to e-cigarettes and vaporizers. Students found violating the policy against illegal substances, whether in college or at a social or extracurricular event/at a non-college related event, will face serious disciplinary consequences. These may include official notification to the anti-narcotics force and immediate expulsion.

Illegal substances include, but are not limited to the following

  • Any recreational drugs, including marijuana/ hashish/ Ecstasy, cocaine etc.
  • Any prescription drug in a manner not consistent with the instructions of the prescribing physician
  • Prescription or over-the-counter pharmaceuticals in a form that would not normally be purchased.
  • Possession of paraphernalia that are customarily used for illegal drug use or drug abuse will be considered a violation of this rule.
  • Possessing, drinking, distributing or being under the influence of alcoholic beverages, or in the possession of empty alcoholic beverage containers.

Physical/Verbal Assault and/or Contact

All forms of physical or verbal assault are strictly forbidden at GECE. Students found engaged in a physical or verbal altercation will be removed from campus immediately, and may face disciplinary repercussions.

Students must inform/report to a staff member regarding any student who is making her feel uncomfortable or threatened at any point.  Under no circumstances must they attempt to engage with such an individual on their own.

If it remains unclear after an investigation is conducted, which student is the aggressor and which student is the victim, both will face similar consequences.

Unwanted physical contact that makes students and/or staff uncomfortable is also strictly forbidden on campus as well as at college-related events. Such behavior that is sexual in nature such as stroking, kissing or hand holding is considered inappropriate and should be reported to a faculty member or the Registrar’s office.

Other physical conduct that does not meet the definition of “assault” may fall under the prohibition against bullying, harassment, and/or disorderly conduct.


Bullying is systematic intentional behavior that threatens, intimidates, or is intended to threaten or intimidate others.  Bullying may take many forms, including but not limited to, repeated unwanted physical, verbal, or written acts, which are hostile or offensive. Bullying may manifest as cyber stalking or cyber bullying as well as behaviors such as ignoring or dismissing individuals or groups.

  • Hostile behaviors include, but are not limited to, inappropriate behaviors that are harmful or damaging to an individual and/or property. Behaviors that are intimidating, threatening, disruptive, humiliating, sarcastic or vicious may also constitute hostile behavior. Offensive behaviors may include, but are not limited to, inappropriate behaviors such as abusive language, derogatory remarks, or insults.
  • Other offensive behaviors may include the use of condescending, humiliating, or vulgar language, swearing, shouting or use of unsuitable language, use of obscene gestures or mocking.

GECE College has a Zero-tolerance policy towards harassment and all forms of bullying.

College Property


Students are issued laptops for academic use and are responsible for the safekeeping of the machine. The cost for any physical harm to the laptops (theft or damage to the hardware) will be borne by the students after an assessment is made by the GECE Tech Department.


Students are provided with lockers on campus to store their personal items as well as college issued laptop. The students are responsible for the safekeeping of the items stored in the lockers. GECE reserves the right to conduct spot checks on the lockers.

Social Media Usage

Social media use refers to any form of online publication or presence that allows interactive communication, including but not limited to social networks, blogs, photo sharing platforms, internet websites, Internet forums, and wikis etc. Examples of social media include, but are not limited to, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, and Flickr.

Abuses of social media include, but are not limited to, the following actions and behaviors that result in (a) student(s), faculty and staff, feeling threatened, unsafe or uncomfortable, and unable to study/ work at GECE.  They also indicate a deep disrespect of the institution or any other members of the GECE community:

  • Making derogatory/harmful comments that negatively affect the reputation of the college or anyone connected with it [students or faculty/staff]. All such actions are considered to be major disciplinary infractions.
  • Using GECE’s name (including any derivation) or the GECE logo in any way that could be interpreted to suggest the title of a Facebook page/group, Instagram group or blog. GECE reserves the right to take disciplinary action/report social media activity of this type to regulatory authorities.
  • Correspondence or communication (via any medium) between peers and/or faculty and staff where a violation of professional boundaries is indicated and where the correspondence has not been provided to the college leadership team.
  • Recording or photographing a student or staff member/ teacher without CONSENT, and circulating these videos/images on social media without permission from the concerned student/ staff member/ teacher. Storage of the same on personal locations is also not allowed.
  • Using text messages, picture/video clips, mobile phone calls, emails, chat room bullying, instant messaging or websites to convey threats, intimidation, harassment against another student or staff member/ teacher.
  • Phishing or hacking into others’ social media accounts, profiles, emails or any other private & confidential records.
  • Using social media to publish adult content containing sexually explicit images, violent content (including graphically violent images), and/or  hate material promoting  violence or attack on individuals or institutions on the basis of religious, racial, gender or any grounds.
  • Facilitating or permitting access to pornographic or sexually explicit material.

Off-site social media use that results in an uncomfortable environment in college is actionable by GECE, Hussainabad – i.e. the College has the right to intervene and take action.

Each student is responsible for maintaining a digital footprint that is respectful, positive and considerate. We expect students to report any inappropriate and/or objectionable content about GECE, Hussainabad and its community to the Registrar. Similarly, content posted by a fellow student if she is directly affected by the content (including if she feels harassed or threatened in any way) must also be immediately communicated to the Registrar.

GECE, Hussainabad reserves the right to report cases of cyberbullying or cybercrime to the FIA.

Procedure for Disciplinary Infraction

In case of any disciplinary infraction, the concerned student shall be given a verbal warning, followed with a warning in writing, which shall be copied to the parents/guardians; except in circumstances which warrant immediate expulsion as determined by GECE, Hussainabad at its sole discretion. In the event that any disciplinary infractions persist, the College shall be at liberty to take any of the following disciplinary actions against such students, at its sole discretion:

  • Withhold promotion to next year
  • Restrain from participating in student events and activities.
  • Restrain from being selected for positions of responsibility within the college for e.g., Student Council, Club Heads, Sports Captain etc.
  • Expulsion

A student has the right to present an appeal to the Registrar should she receive a disciplinary consequence within one working week.

Repeated minor offences will be treated as a major infraction.

Parents Role

Parents and colleges work together as partners toward students’ best interests. It is important for parents to extend active support for the GECE philosophy and its ensuring policies, including the Student Code of Conduct, Harassment policy, etc.

Every Parent should:

  • Respect all members of the college community
  • Teach their daughter honesty and respect for the law and the property of others.
  • Monitor their daughter’s academic progress on a regular basis via the GECE Portal and the Registrar’s Office
  • Be familiar with the GECE Student Handbook and discuss the contents of these publications with their daughter(s).
  • Become familiar with the services available to students through GECE and community agencies with whom the College collaborates.
  • Teach daughter to respect the rights of others and follow college rules.
  • Ensure that their daughter attends her classes with responsibility and integrity, and makes the most of each class as a cohesive learning experience.
  • Motivate their daughter positively to explore unique avenues of learning and growth through engagement with new academic and extracurricular projects and activities.

For GECE, Hussainabad Use Only


I,                                                            , from the Class of                    , hereby agree to abide by the “Student Code of Conduct” for the academic years 2019 to 2021. I agree to sign this contract after having read and understood the following clauses and sub-clauses, under the mentioned titles, in the “Student Code of Conduct” as follows:

  1. General Rules of Conduct
  2. Students Rights
  3. Disciplinary Infractions
  4. Absenteeism
  5. Academic Dishonesty
  6. Tobacco & Prohibited Substances
  7. Physical/Verbal Assault and/or Contact
  8. Bullying or Harassment
  9. College Property (lockers and laptops)
  10. Social Media Usage
  11. Procedure for Disciplinary Infractions
  12. Parents Role

I agree to avoid any violations attached to the above mentioned clauses in the “Student Code of Conduct”. Should a violation occur, I agree to the consequences determined by the administration of GECE, Hussainabad and will abide by the verdict whilst remaining within the “STUDENT RIGHTS”. Should I not agree with a verdict, I will remain within my “STUDENT RIGHTS” and follow due course with integrity and respect towards myself and GECE, Hussainabad.

I agree to remain truthful and honorable, and agree to face any reprimand, should I disobey or violate the “Student Code of Conduct”.

I also acknowledge, GECE, Hussainabad may take a student to the nearest hospital should they deem it necessary due to an emergency.

Student signature (attach file)

Parent/Guardian Signature (attach file)