B.Ed. (Honors) Elementary

B.Ed. (Honors) Elementary

In the 21st century, it is not enough for a student to just be good at Math, Science or English. It is now essential for students to also be able to think critically and creatively, communicate, collaborate, find good information quickly, and use technology effectively. These are today’s survival skills— not only for career success, but for personal and civic life as well.

To develop school teachers who can teach and assess these 21st century skills and knowledge, the Government Elementary College of Education, Hussainabad offers a single degree program: the 4-year Bachelor of Education degree for Elementary (Class 1-8) teachers. This teacher education curriculum has been jointly developed by the University of Helsinki (Finland), GECE Hussainabad and Karachi University faculty and will provide student-teachers with opportunities to:

●  Align classroom planning and teaching with 21st century knowledge and skills
●  Balance traditional teaching methods, such as lecturing, with more student-centered and interactive teaching strategies
●  Understand the science of how children learn and apply this knowledge to teaching and learning
●  Use multiple strategies to teach students with a variety of learning needs
●  Participate in learning communities through coaching, mentoring, knowledge-sharing, and team-teaching with peers
●  Use a range of assessment strategies to evaluate student learning

The B.Ed. degree will be conferred by GECE Hussainabad’s degree-awarding institution, Karachi University.

Scheme of Studies

Semester I
Semester II

Functional English-I
Islamic Studies/ Ethics
Computer Literacy
Urdu / Regional Languages
General Science
General Methods of Teaching

English-II (Communication Skills)
Child Development
Classroom Management
General Mathematics
Pakistan Studies
Methods of Teaching Islamic Studies

Semester III
Semester IV

Teaching Literacy Skills
Art, Crafts and Calligraphy
Classroom Assessment
Teaching of General Science
Teaching of Social Studies
Teaching Practice (Short Term)

Teaching of Urdu/ Regional Languages
Teaching of English
Teaching of Mathematics
School, community and Teacher
ICT in Education
Teaching Practice

Semester V
Semester VI

English – III (Technical Writing & Presentation Skills)
Foundations of Education
Content Course – I (Social Studies)
Content Course – I (Mathematics)
Curriculum Development
Educational Psychology

Contemporary Issues & Trends in Ed
Content Course – II (Science)
Content Course – II (Urdu)
Comparative Education
Introduction to Guidance and Counselling

Semester VII
Semester VIII

Content Course – III (discipline – I)
Content Course– III (discipline – II)
School Management Research
Methods in Education Teaching
Practice (Short Term)

Pedagogy – I (specialization – I)
Pedagogy – I (specialization – II)
Test Development and Evaluation
Teaching Practice (Long Term)
Research Project