Admissions 2022 – Interview List

Interview Schedule

Please see below the interview schedule for admissions interviews at GECE Hussianabad.

!! Important:

Remember, You are required to bring your Admit Card at the time of the Interview. (For online apps, bring your admit card which was emailed to you, and also 2 passport-sized pictures)

Please also bring with you any missing documents if they were not submitted with your application. for eg. CNIC/Juvenile Card or Token, Domicile/ Domicile Token, Intermediate marksheet.

Location: GECE Campus, Hussainabad


Candidate # Candidate Name Father/Guardian Name Time Date Day
ON-001 Uroosa Mazhar Mazhar Gulab 9:30 17-Feb-22 Thursday
ON-002 Naureen Khan Haji Khan 9:35 17-Feb-22 Thursday
ON-003 Narmeen Noor Noor Ul Huda 9:40 17-Feb-22 Thursday
ON-004 Zaeema Saeed Saeed Ahmed Khan 9:45 17-Feb-22 Thursday
ON-005 Javeria Shabbir Shabbir Ahmed 9:50 17-Feb-22 Thursday
ON-006 Bisma Malik Irfan Ahmed 9:55 17-Feb-22 Thursday
ON-007 Zara Naeem Muhammad Naeem 10:00 17-Feb-22 Thursday
ON-008 Kanza Batool Asim Raza Zaidi 10:05 17-Feb-22 Thursday
ON-009 Amara Iftikhar Kanwar Iftikhar
10:10 17-Feb-22 Thursday
ON-010 Amna Alvi Jahndad Awan 10:15 17-Feb-22 Thursday
ON-011 ALISHA AMJAD Amjad Hussain 10:20 17-Feb-22 Thursday
ON-012 Yusra Ahmed Mairaj Ud Din Ahmed 10:25 17-Feb-22 Thursday
ON-013 Abeer Amjad Ali 10:30 17-Feb-22 Thursday
ON-014 Manahil Ahmed Zubair Ahmed 10:35 17-Feb-22 Thursday
ON-015 Laiba Amir Aamir Afzal Hussain 10:40 17-Feb-22 Thursday
ON-016 Komal Aslam 10:45 17-Feb-22 Thursday
ON-017 Umama Siddiqui Muhammad Ayaz Siddiqui 10:50 17-Feb-22 Thursday
ON-018 Javeria Muhammad Hussain 10:55 17-Feb-22 Thursday
ON-019 Rabia Mehmood Mehmood 11:00 17-Feb-22 Thursday
ON-020 Saba Rasheed Saba Rasheed 11:05 17-Feb-22 Thursday
ON-021 Ayesha Ubaid Ayesha Ubaid 11:10 17-Feb-22 Thursday
ON-022 Jaweria Mumtaz Mumtaz Anwar 11:15 17-Feb-22 Thursday
ON-023 Mina Maryam Jawaid Iqbal 11:20 17-Feb-22 Thursday
ON-024 Laiba Shahnawaz Shahnawaz Hussain 11:25 17-Feb-22 Thursday
ON-025 Mahrukh Talha Mussarat Anis 11:30 17-Feb-22 Thursday
ON-026 Umsha Fatima Laiq Ahmed 11:35 17-Feb-22 Thursday
ON-027 Saadia Maqbool Dr. Maqbool Hassan 11:40 17-Feb-22 Thursday
ON-029 Manahil Shaikh Muhammad Shakir 11:45 17-Feb-22 Thursday
ON-030 Yusra Ahmed Mairaj Ud Din Ahmed 11:50 17-Feb-22 Thursday


Candidate # Candidate Name Father/Guardian Name Time Date Day
01-01-22 Mubashra Nusrat Arfaq Ahmed 11:55 17-Feb-22 Thursday
01-02-22 Muniza Mansoor Mansoor Ahmed 12:00 17-Feb-22 Thursday
01-03-22 Fariha Muhammad Akram 12:05 17-Feb-22 Thursday
01-04-22 Quba Khan M Ghazanfar Khan 12:10 17-Feb-22 Thursday
01-05-22 Zahabia Shams Muhammad Shams ul Haq 12:15 17-Feb-22 Thursday
01-06-22 Samina Rehman Abdul Rehman 12:20 17-Feb-22 Thursday
01-07-22 Rida Abbas Raja Muhammad Abbas 12:25 17-Feb-22 Thursday
01-08-22 Nimra Masroor Ahmed
Mumtaz Ansari 12:30 17-Feb-22 Thursday
01-09-22 Yumna Muhammad Sarfaraz ur
12:35 17-Feb-22 Thursday
01-10-22 Momina Muhammad Sarfaraz ur
12:40 17-Feb-22 Thursday
01-11-22 Areej Fatima Ashiq Ali 12:45 17-Feb-22 Thursday
01-12-22 Ayesha Kanwal Ashiq Ali 12:50 17-Feb-22 Thursday
01-13-22 Wajeeha Sehar Masroor Ali 12:55 17-Feb-22 Thursday
01-14-55 Faiza Kamran Kamran Qureshi 1:00 17-Feb-22 Thursday
01-15-22 Iqra Ali Syed Muhammad Ali
1:30 17-Feb-22 Thursday
01-16-22 Rabbiya Mehkri Mohammad Nusratullah 1:35 17-Feb-22 Thursday
01-17-22 Erum Naz Muhammad Arshad 1:40 17-Feb-22 Thursday
01-18-22 Saniya Salman Salman Ahmed 1:45 17-Feb-22 Thursday
01-19-22 Syeda Usra Ali Ambreen Shabbir 1:50 17-Feb-22 Thursday
01-20-22 Haya Sheikh Sheikh Muhammad Athar
1:55 17-Feb-22 Thursday
01-21-22 Ansa Shahid Shahid sultan 2:00 17-Feb-22 Thursday
01-22-22 Rizwana Bano Muhammad Iqbal 2:05 17-Feb-22 Thursday
01-23-22 Maheen Rafiullah Rafiullah Khan 2:10 17-Feb-22 Thursday
01-24-22 Areesha Ashraf Muhammad Ashraf 2:15 17-Feb-22 Thursday
01-25-22 Ariba Noor Illahi Noor Illahi 2:20 17-Feb-22 Thursday
01-26-22 Safina Kanwal Ashiq Ali 2:25 17-Feb-22 Thursday
01-27-22 Manahil Shareef Mehfooz Ahmed Shareef 2:30 17-Feb-22 Thursday
01-28-22 Namira Arshad Ali 2:35 17-Feb-22 Thursday
01-29-22 Anika Mumtaz Ali 2:40 17-Feb-22 Thursday
01-30-22 Mahnoor Aslam Muhammad Aslam 2:45 17-Feb-22 Thursday
01-31-22 Gul Afshan Muhammad Iqbal 2:50 17-Feb-22 Thursday
01-32-22 Hareem Waheed Abdul Waheed 2:55 17-Feb-22 Thursday
01-33-22 Nimra Kanwal Muhammad
3:00 17-Feb-22 Thursday
01-34-22 Haya Aziz Aziz Kamal Uddin 9:30 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-35-22 Maheen Akbar Muhammad Akbar
9:35 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-36-22 Sabahat Ali Ali Akber 9:40 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-37-22 Syeda Sania Zehra Syed Nazish Raza 9:45 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-38-22 Shajia Nadeem Abdul Nadeem
9:50 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-39-22 Amna Naeem Sheikh Mohammad Naeem 9:55 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-40-22 Manal Malik Saeed Ahmed 10:00 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-41-22 Nabiha Mehtab Farhana Mehtab 10:05 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-42-22 Saba Rasheed Sabiha Rasheed 10:10 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-43-22 Syeda Aiman Syed Mehmood Ali 10:15 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-44-22 Misbah Nusrat Arfaq Ahmed 10:20 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-45-22 Areeba Nisar Ahmed 10:25 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-46-22 Rabia Mehmood Anwer Khan Bhatti 10:30 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-47-22 sabeera Shahid 10:35 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-48-22 Shahzeen Rafiq Khan 10:40 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-49-22 Arisha Nisar Ahmed 10:45 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-50-22 Laiba Khan Azhar Ahmed Khan 10:50 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-51-22 Angelina Jawed Jawed Yousaf 10:55 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-52-22 Maryam Zafar Muhammad Zafar
11:00 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-53-22 Hifza Noor Abdul Murad 11:05 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-54-22 Javeria Namroz Khan 11:10 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-55-22 Feroza Muhammad Ismail 11:15 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-56-22 Binish Imran Imran Nooruddin 11:20 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-57-22 Noor Fatima Muhammad Fazal 11:25 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-58-22 Aniqa Khan Ather Mohammad Khan 11:30 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-59-22 Hira Naeem Naeem Shahzad 11:35 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-60-22 Ruqaiya Fakhruddin Hamida Fakhruddin 11:40 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-61-22 Qareen Saeed Saeed Ahmed 11:45 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-62-22 Soonh Sumaiya Imtiaz Ahmed 11:50 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-63-22 Bisma Malik Irfan Ahmed 11:55 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-64-22 Esha Sarwar Muhammad Sarwar 12:00 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-65-22 Syeda Rameen Zehra Syed Lateef Shah 12:05 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-66-22 Ayesha Khan Naseem Ahmed
12:10 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-67-22 Fatima Asif Asif Ahmed
12:15 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-68-22 Uzma Shiraz Munir Ahmed Hayat 12:20 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-69-22 Aneela Muhammad Ilyas 12:25 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-70-22 Maham Abdul Faheem 12:30 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-71-22 Mubashira S. M. Ashfaq Ali 12:35 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-72-22 Elsa Naseer Ahmed Naseer Ahmed 12:40 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-73-22 Maham Muhammad Iqbal 12:45 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-74-22 Mehak Habib Rajput Habib Nawaz Khan 12:50 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-75-23 Iram Hazoor Bux Memon 12:55 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-76-22 Madiha Anwer Anwer Khan 1:00 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-77-22 Alveena Aijaz Uddin 2:00 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-78-22 Tooba Aftab Muhammad Aftab 2:05 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-79-22 Maha Iqbal Muhammad Iqbal 2:10 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-80-22 Tayyaba Bano
Hafiz Abdul Qadir Sultani 2:15 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-81-22 Tooba Bano
Hafiz Abdul Qadir Sultani 2:20 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-82-22 Rida Razi Razi ul Azhar 2:25 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-83-22 Shehla Mureed Shah Robaba Akbar 2:30 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-84-22 Seema Malik Pirani Late Noor Ali Khoja 2:35 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-85-22 Tayyaba Rasheed Amin ul Rasheed 2:40 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-86-22 Lasani Shabbir Ahmed 2:45 18-Feb-22 Friday
01-87-22 Ratna Amarsi Amarsi Narayan 2:50 18-Feb-22 Friday