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Anam Shakil

Anam Shakil

– M.A., Art Education, Beacon House National University, Lahore
– B.A., Fine Arts, University of Karachi

Anam Shakil is a visual artist and art educator based in Karachi. Since 2011, she has established her career mainly as an art educator, trainer, and curriculum specialist. Her work has a strong focus on human psychology and emotional well-being. She is also a trained counselor, specializing in child sexual abuse prevention.

In 2015, Anam established the art program at the adopted government schools of Zindagi Trust where she is working full-time as the Head of the Arts Program.

She is also associated with the Awaz Institute of Media Sciences as a visiting faculty.

Anam is currently leading a project in collaboration with Zindagi Trust in which she is designing an art curriculum to be implemented in all the government schools in Pakistan.

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