Admissions 2022 – Test List

Test Schedule

Please see below the list of candidates who have passed the Admission interviews and have been shortlisted for the GECE Admission test.

If your name is not in the below list, we regret to inform you that you have not passed your interview and are not eligible to sit for the Admission test. However, we would encourage you to apply again to GECE in the future.

Only If your name is in the below list, please come to the GECE Hussainabad campus for the Admission Test at the time mentioned below.

!! Important Instructions:

  1. You are required to bring your Admit Card at the time of the test – You will not be allowed to sit for the test without this
  2. Arrive latest by 9:45 am
  3. Bring your own stationery (e.g. Pens)
  4. Wearing a mask is mandatory and all COVID SOPs must be followed
  5. When you arrive, please go to the Academic Building, and you will be guided to your test room given in the list


Date: Tuesday 1st Mar, 2022
Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Location: GECE Campus, Hussainabad

Name Father/Guardian Name Room Number
ON-001 Uroosa mazhar Mazhar Gulab 201
ON-002 Naureen Khan Haji Khan 201
ON-003 Narmeen Noor Noor Ul Huda 201
ON-007 Zara Naeem Muhammad Naeem 201
ON-012 Yusra Ahmed Mairaj Ud Din
ON-014 Manahil Ahmed Zubair Ahmed 201
ON-021 Ayesha Ubaid 201
ON-024 Laiba Shahnawaz Shahnawaz Hussain 201
01-02-22 Muniza Mansoor Mansoor Ahmed 201
1/8/2022 Nimra Masroor
Ahmed Ansari
Mumtaz Ansari 201
01-12-22 Ayesha Kanwal Ashiq Ali 201
01-15-22 Iqra Ali syed Muhammad Ali
01-16-22 Rabbiya Mehkri Mohammad Nusratullah 201
01-17-22 Erum Naz Muhammad Arshad 201
01-18-22 Saniya Salman Salman Ahmed 201
01-19-22 Syeda Usra Ali Ambreen Shabbir 201
01-20-22 Haya Sheikh Sheikh Muhammad Athar
01-23-22 Maheen Rafiullah Rafiullah Khan 201
01-30-22 Mahnoor Aslam Muhammad Aslam 201
01-32-22 Hareem Waheed Abdul Waheed 201
01-37-22 Syeda Sania Zehra Syed Nazish Raza 201
01-39-22 Amna Naeem Sheikh Mohammad Naeem 203
01-43-22 Syeda Aiman Syed Mehmood Ali 203
01-45-22 Areeba Nisar Nisar Ahmed 203
01-49-22 Arisha Nisar Nisar Ahmed 203
01-50-22 Laiba Khan Azhar Ahmed Khan 203
01-51-22 Angelina Jawed Jawed Yousaf 203
01-53-22 Hifza Noor Abdul Murad 203
01-56-22 Binish Imran Imran Nooruddin 203
01-59-22 Hira Naeem Naeem Shahzad 203
01-66-22 Ayesha Khan Naseem Ahmed
01-77-22 Alveena Aijaz uddin 203
01-80-22 Tayyaba Bano
Hafiz Abdul Qadir
01-81-22 Tooba Bano
Hafiz Abdul Qadir
01-84-22 Seema Malik
Late Noor Ali
01-86-22 Lasani Shabbir Ahmed 203