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Shehzad Amjad

Shehzad Amjad

– M.A., Philosophy, Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy, London
– M.A., History, School of Oriental and African Studies, London
– M.A., Economics, University of Karachi

Shehzad Amjad pursued contemporary Continental Philosophy and his work focuses on various strands in post-modern thought and politics of resistance. He also studied and researched colonial history, focusing essentially on the deconstruction of various colonial cultural constructs and post-colonial practices.

He has taught courses in philosophy, politics and history at Beaconhouse National University in Lahore and Usman Institute of Technology University in Karachi. His foundational academic interests fall at the confluence of metaphysics, epistemology and liberation.

He has also been a journalist at The News and GEO TV.

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